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Visa Run to Vientiane, Laos

time duration event from to cost Title
05:30 am preparation
time duration event from to cost Title
07:00 am 0:40 train Train Station, Udon Thani Train Station, Nong Khai 11B Go to Nong Khai
07:40 am 0:15 walk Train Station, Nong Khai Border 0B Walk to the border
07:55 am 0:15 Leave Thailand
08:20 am 0:05 bus 15B Cross the bridge
08:25 am 0:30 5B Enter Laos
08:55 am 0:40 bus Border Talat Sao Morning Market, Vientiane 6000kip Bus to the Market
09:35 am 0:15 walk MarketTalat Sao Morning Market, Vientiane Thailand Consular Section 0B Walk to Consulate
09:50 am 1:00 apply Apply VISA
15:00 pm sleep 300B Sleep
time duration event from to cost Title
13:35 pm 2:00 receive 1,000B Pick up VISA
15:30 pm 0:15 walk Thailand Consular Section Khua Din Bus Station 0B Walk to Bus Station
17:10 pm 0:50 bus Khua Din Bus Station Udon Thani Bus Station 110B International Bus to Udonthani
18:00 pm 0:15 50B Cross the border
18:15 pm 1:20 bus Border Udon Thani Bus Terminal 1 To Udonthani Bus Terminal