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VISA run to Savannakhet in Laos

timetable - VISA run to Savannakhet

date event time place cost (THB) Title Description
20:30 pm bus 10hrs Mochit 2 / Northeastern Bus Terminal->Mukdahan 829 Bus to Mukdahan มุกดาหาร

24seats vip

another way:
* AirAsia, Bangkok - Don Mueang to Mukdahan (Indochina Market), cheapest 800thb
tuktuk costs 20-50thb to Mukdahan bus station

date event time place cost (THB) Title Description
08:30 am bus 1h Mukdahan bus terminal->Savannakhet 45 Bus to Savannakhet ไกสอน พมวิหาน
09:00 am LAOS border 1,040 Cross the border

* have to pay border Immigration fee
* VISA fee required. price depends on which country you are from.
* better to bring your own pen to fill out entry form.

was asked name of the hotel to stay in LAOS.

10:15 am walk 10mins Savannakhet bus terminal->Thai consulate 0 Walk to Thai consulate

about 800m to the north along the street

10:30 am apply 15mins consulate 2,000 Apply for VISA

there was no queue at 10:30

what you have to prepare for double entry tourist VISA
* 2000 baht fee.
* a copy of the photo page of your passport(cost 10thb at the shop on the street)
* 2 photos(3.5x4.5cm)
* a completed...

14:45 pm collect 30mins Thai Consulate Collect VISA

14:50 pm some people started to wait at the gate. if you wait in line you can go home earlier.
by 15:20 there was nobody standing in a queue.

15:00 pm Thai Consulate consulate gate open

consulate gate opened at 15:08.

15:15 pm walk 10mins Thai Consulate->Savannakhet Bus Terminal 0 Walk to Savannakhet Bus terminal

about 800m

tuktuk drivers say they can take you to the bridge. price would be 100thb but you still need transportation from the bridge.

16:30 pm bus 1h Savannakhet bus terminal->Muhkdahan 55 Bus to Muhkdahan
16:45 pm Laos Boarder 50 Cross the border

thai entry: scan of hand baggage even plastig bag

20:00 pm bus 10hrs Mukdahan bus terminal->Bangkok Mochit Bus Terminal 829 Bus to Bangkok


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