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Visa Run from Koh Samui to Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Visa Trip to Kota Bharu Itinerary

time duration event from to cost Title
time duration event from to cost Title
12:00 pm 0:30 songthaew Home Nathon Pier, Koh Samui 30B Go to Nathon
13:00 pm 0:15 songthaew Nathon, Koh Samui Busterminal, Koh Samui 20B Songtaew to Koh Samui Bus Terminal
13:30 pm 4:00 bus, ferry Nathon Pier, Koh Samui Train Station, Surat Thani 260B Bus to Surat Thani TrainStation
17:30 pm 7:00 200B Wait for the train
time duration event from to cost Title
00:30 am 10:00 train Surat Thani Sungai Kolok 409B Train to Su-ngai Kolok Border
11:30 am 0:10 taxi Su-ngai Kolok Train Station Border 40B Bike Taxi to Border
11:30 am 0:05 Sungai Kolok Train Station 2,000B Change money
13:00 pm 1:00 bus Sungai Kolok Kota Bharu 45B Bus to Kota Bharu
14:00 pm 0:30 walk Kota Bharu Bus station Royal Thai Consulate Walk to Consulate
14:00 pm Take a photo copy of the Passport
14:30 pm 0:30 apply 150.00RM apply VISA
15:00 pm sleep 18.00RM Stay in Kota Bharu
time duration event from to cost Title
09:00 am 0:30 receive Royal Thai Consulate receive VISA
11:30 am 1:00 bus Kota Bharu Bus station Border 5.00RM Head back to the border
12:00 pm 0:15 taxi Border Su-ngai Kolok Bus Station 40B Biketaxi to Su-ngai Kolok Bus Station
17:30 pm 12:00 bus, taxi Sungai Kolok Koh Samui 650B Bus to Koh Samui
time duration event from to cost Title
07:30 am 0:30 songthaew Nathon Pier, Koh Samui Home 30B Get Home